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Are You Scratching Your Head Over Your Dog’s Dandruff?

by vomkompass
Humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer from dandruff – dogs too can suffer from itchy, flaky skin that creates unsightly white dander that spreads through the coat and falls onto everything else.
Technically known as seborrhea, dandruff is composed of dead skin cells that clump together and fall from the skin. Since dandruff is itchy, dogs are likely to start scratching themselves more than usual leading to scabs or bumps developing as well as the flaky skin.
All breeds can develop dandruff, yet terriers such as West Highland, Scottish, Fox and Cairn are especially susceptible to the condition. Schnauzers, Dalmatians, English and Irish setters, poodles and pugs are also more likely to develop dandruff than other dog breeds.
Allergies are a common cause of dandruff. Dust, pollen, household cleaners and food varieties are all possible allergens that could instigate a skin reaction. Chyletiella mite infestation is another potential cause as well as fungal skin infections and bacteria.
Sometimes it is simply the environment in which the dog lives. An area with low humidity can remove the moisture from a dog’s epidermis and cause skin flaking. A dog that is not drinking enough water may also suffer from dandruff for similar reasons. 
A vet can help you to determine the most likely causes of your dog’s dandruff. If allergies are suspected as the problem, removing the substance from their diet or your home may be the solution or a course of antihistamines. Daily brushing, which helps to distribute oil over the skin and through the coat, as well as the use of gentle oatmeal shampoos can also help relieve symptoms. 

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,Are You Scratching Your Head Over Your Dog's Dandruff?

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