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How To Make Dealing With Kitty Litter Easier

by vomkompass

Kitty litter.

One of the least appealing aspects of pet care has to be cleaning up after them, right? Right.

If you have an indoor cat you will be all too familiar with the joys of the litter box and all the perils that come along with using them – but there are ways to make your life easier which will in fact lessen the amount of time you have to spend scooping poop.

If you are struggling against the smell that is omitted from your cat’s litter box then there is one simple, inexpensive, yet very effective solution out there: odor eliminators. Odor eliminators are great because they disguise and eliminate unwanted smells and work to break down residue which is the main cause of smelly odors. Best of all, it activates every time your cat uses the litter box so they are a great tool to be relied on.

If you really can’t stand cleaning up your cat’s litter box, or perhaps you work long hours and don’t like returning home to a smelly place that’s been closed up for long periods of time, then maybe it’s time you considered treating you and your cat to a SELF-SCOOPING LITTER BOX. It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? A self-scooping litter box may not be a dream, but it sure is a dream to use- it’s so easy to use and maintain. A sensor triggers when a cleaning cycle needs to begin and best news of all, it’s compatible with any clumping litter, so you don’t need to shop for any special varieties.

If you’re of a queasy disposition then coming face to face with your cat’s droppings is probably not a match made in heaven. If that’s not the case then perhaps you just don’t like the idea of your cat’s waste being out on display for all to see (and we suspect your cat is maybe feeling the same thing!) So why not try out a litter box cover. Litter box covers are available in many materials and can match with a variety of stylish furnishings. They don’t absorb any fluids, are sturdy and can be easily cleaned. You’ll be glad to hide away kitty’s waste and they’ll appreciate the privacy!

For a quick and easy way to remove waste, why not consider buying a Scoop-N-Sift. A very handy weapon in the fight against kitty litter, a Scoop-N-Sift reduces the amount of waste that kitty litters can provide. To be used with clumping litter, these great little devices allows you to sift the clumps of waste from the remaining litter, making the overall process much, much easier.

 ,How To Make Dealing With Kitty Litter Easier

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