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Stop Your Dog From Being A Fussy Eater Once And For All!

by vomkompass
Some dogs (looking at you, labradors) seem to have a never ending appetite for food – yet other dogs can be exceptionally fussy, turning up their nose at the dinner they have been lovingly served by their owners. 
It can be frustrating as well as worrying when a dog leaves their dinner bowl untouched. Many owners fret that such behaviour will cause their pet to fail to receive the nutrition they require. In most cases, it is very unlikely a dog will make themselves seriously ill with their discerning tastes. A healthy but picky dog will not starve themselves to death with their appetite or lack thereof.
If you are concerned, a discussion with your vet will let you rule out any underlying medical conditions that may influence your pet’s interest in food. Generally, fussy dogs show a long-term pattern of rejecting food not up to their standards. Any sudden change from a usual pattern of robust appetite however is a red alert that something is probably not quite right.
Once you’re sure you simply have a picky pooch on your hands there are a few methods you can try to set them on the path of eating what they have been given without complaint.
Some breeds are known to be pre-disposed to fussiness over others, such as poodles and Yorkshire terriers. In most cases picky eaters are created, not born. Dogs not provided with alternatives from their regular balanced and complete food are apt to eat what they are given. However, if they find when they turn their nose up at their dinner they receive a tasty piece of meat or another treat they quickly learn to hold out to get something better than what they are first given. 
To retrain a fussy dog to accept ‘normal’ dog food, provide them with what you wish them to eat. If they reject it, pick it up and serve it again for their next meal. Resist the urge to give them something else if they are stubborn. Dogs don’t have to eat every day to survive – wolves do not have regular meal times in the wild. When they are hungry enough they will eat. Praise them wildly when they do bend and eat to enforce the behaviour you desire.
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,Stop Your Dog From Being A Fussy Eater Once And For All!

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