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Ten Breeds You Should Consider if You’re Looking For a Loving Cat

by vomkompass

For some, part of the appeal of a cat lies in the fact that they can be quite independent creatures that typically require less maintenance than the average dog. However, if you are actively searching for an affectionate, sociable cat that will love to spend time with you, it is well worth considering one of the following ten breeds.



Burmese cats are often described as ‘bricks wrapped in silk’ (due to their athletic, firm bodies and wonderfully soft coats). They are available in many different shades, from warm chocolate to exotic blue and have loud, expressive voices that demand immediate attention. The average Burmese is playful and active well into older age and can even be trained to do things like fetch a toy or obey basic commands. If your ideal cat is vocal, energetic and deeply interested in human behavior, a Burmese could be the perfect addition to your household.

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While you may be taken aback by the fact that a Manx cat will have a stub instead of a tail (or no tail at all), these unique cats have some outstanding personality traits that make them highly endearing. They are deeply attached to their home environments, making them ideal house pets if you are unsure about letting a cat go outdoors and you can expect your Manx to be a curious, bold pet that loves to be close to you.

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Rex cats are even more unusual looking, as they have a very short, very curly coat with gigantic ears that dwarf the size of their faces. The eccentric appearance of a Rex comes with a truly wonderful disposition, and will shower you with affection and enthusiasm. These cats love to impress their owners with crazy antics and they are passionate about playing.

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You may have heard of the ragdoll as these cats were specifically bred in order to be unusually compliant when held by their owners. This trait makes them highly pleasant to cuddle, and your ragdoll is likely to be the perfect lap cat. However, when they are not snuggling up to their owners, ragdolls enjoy playing and can often be trained to do basic tricks.

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Abyssinian cats are the very embodiment of elegance and have strikingly good looks. Their beauty is a mere bonus though, as these cats are so loyal and clever that they typically delight their owners on a daily basis. They can be difficult to source and may come with an expensive price tag but those who own Abyssinians will tell you that these cats are worth the cost.

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As long as you don’t mind owning a cat that tries to have lengthy conversations with you while you make the dinner, tidy the house or try to work at the computer, a Siamese could make a great companion. In addition to being very vocal, these cats love to curl up on a warm lap or turn everyday activities into opportunities for play.

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Some find the classic, flattened faces of Persian cats to be beautiful, while others think that these cats look rather squashed. However, it it’s love that you are looking for then a Persian should definitely make your shortlist. These cats are very chilled out, passive companions who enjoy being held and stroked.

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Maine Coon

Owning a Maine Coon requires you to be diligent about regular brushing, as these cats have long coats that need to be carefully protected from matting and tangles. In addition to being truly beautiful, Maine Coons have bags of energy, an intense interest in social interaction, and a fondness for play.



Birmans have creamy looking coats and colored points that can be anything from burnt red to very dark brown. They are known for their high intelligence levels and tendency to form deep, lasting bonds with their human families.

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The Tonkinese offers the best traits of a Siamese and a Burmese in one gorgeous package. These cats are athletic, trainable, and may even enjoy going out for a walk on a leash. A Tonkinese is also an excellent choice for a busy household, as your pet will be delighted to meet new people.


,Ten Breeds You Should Consider if You're Looking For a Loving Cat

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