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Why Scratching Posts Are Important

by vomkompass
Scratching posts are such a common tool in cat ownership, it’s easy for owners to undervalue their importance to their cat’s wellbeing.
The cat’s wild ancestors spent much of their lives in the treetops. Constant wear and tear led to the evolution of fast growing claws that constantly renewed to ensure their continued sharpness and effectiveness. The opportunity to scratch and climb is therefore vital to a cat’s physical wellbeing, with scratching posts helping to maintain appropriate claw length. This is especially the case for the large numbers of solely indoor cats who have no access to natural surfaces to wear them down.
A scratching outlet also assists with maintaining feline psychological health. Cats are driven to claw and scratch instinctively. If suppressed, like all natural drives, the inability to scratch can cause frustration and behavioural issues to manifest.  

Cats also use scratching posts to stretch and strengthen their muscles in the case of posts with platforms that allow jumping and perching – all important and necessary activities towards keeping your cat happy and healthy.
The good news is, scratching posts don’t have to be boring!

Contemporary posts like the Catitude Salvador Play House come in modern prints and styles that help make your kitty’s post a feature rather than an eyesore. Modern scratcher designs are also available which seamlessly blend into any carefully styled home. So much so, guests may not even realize what its real purpose is! Easily replaced and economical, cardboard scratchers are a great idea for enthusiastic scratchers who have a habit of reducing carpeted or rope scratchers to shreds in record time.  

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,Why Scratching Posts Are Important

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